Selling Used Bicycles And Equipment

1937 Dayton Super-Streamline
Classics like this are usually easy to sell

Having trouble finding a path through the bike clutter in your basement? Can't fit your cars in the garage any more? Don't let your used gear become a nuisance and fire hazard; sell it!

Even if you consider that old clunker or what have you, junk, there's a good chance that someone else will treasure it. And selling your used stuff is a great way to make money for a new bike and upgrades. For these reasons, we offer free online classified ads where you can advertise your previously owned goodies. These ads reach cyclists like you, which improves the chances of a sale. Here are some tips for selling your used stuff.

Can I Sell This?

You never really know if a used bicycle or your old trainer, etc. will sell until you try to sell it. In general, however, quality used parts and bicycles are the ones most likely to sell. Top-end and old, classic bikes are most likely to attract buyers. Top-of-the-line models interest people looking for a sweet-riding machine at a bargain price. They usually don't care if they get the latest innovations in frame tubing and technology. And vintage bicycles, such as balloon-tire bikes with tanks and fenders from the 40s and 50s, Schwinn Sting-Ray bicycles and even 10-speeds from the 50s, 60s and 70s are sought after by collectors.

While you might find a buyer for anything, women's, children's and department-store bicycles are usually less desirable and not as likely to sell. Fortunately, our classifieds are completely free, so you can certainly try to sell these things and test your luck.

Bicycle components will sell, too, both separately and as part of a complete bicycle that might, with lesser parts, attract no interest. High-end or rare components are usually the type most likely to sell.

Determining Price

How you describe your used bike and equipment may decide whether it sells. It's usually best to list what you have for sale without embellishments, such as "valuable," "rare," and "great deal." While these things might be true, they'll be seen as boasts and might lead buyers to avoid your ad altogether.

If you're selling a bicycle, be sure to include the size. Without this, buyers won't know whether the bike fits them. To determine size, measure from the center of the bottom bracket (where the crankarms are attached) to the center of the top tube/seat tube intersection on the frame. And, list your measurement like this: "17 inch (measured center to center)."

It's also helpful to include standover height, which is measured from the ground to the top of the top tube. With this measurement, people can measure a bike they have that fits correctly to see if yours will work.

List the size if you're selling clothing, shoes or a helmet, too. It's also helpful to list any specifications about your item. For example, on a bicycle, you should list what brand and model the components and wheels are and any accessories you feel add value. Be sure to also point out any defects, missing parts or problems with your item.

Ideally, you should include a photo, too, because items listed with pictures are much more likely to sell. A photo is the easiest way for prospective buyers to evaluate your equipment, too. Any digital photo or scanned image will work fine. Just be sure to keep the file size under 100k, which is the maximum our classified ads will accept.


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