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The 49th Annual Hilly Hundred Weekend will be held October 21-23, 2016

The Hilly Hundred - Indiana's Fall Cycling Classic

Every fall since 1967, thousands of cyclists from across the midwest, (and beyond) have made their way to southern Indiana to participate in the Hilly Hundred Weekend.  In two days of riding, cyclists of all abilities are challenged by almost 9,000 feet of climbing on the hills of Green County and the Morgan Monroe State Forest.  

The Hilly Hundred Weekend is sponsored by the Central Indiana Bicycling Association, Inc. Based in Indianapolis, but with a wide spread membership, CIBA is one of the largest and most active bicycle clubs in the United States. You can learn more about CIBA on their web site,  Many of the 400 volunteers needed to run the Hilly Hundred Weekend are CIBA members.

Have your bike serviced now!

If you have been wanting to have that hanging shift or squealing brake fixed before the Hilly Hundred Weekend, (or any other big fall event), the sooner the better. Any bicycle brought into to Bicycle Garage Indy for bicycle maintenance or service can be returned to you in just a few days. You can even call ahead to arrange an appointment and keep your bikes time in the shop to a minimum.

You want to pickup your bike (after service) and be able to ride two or three times before your event. That gives you practice with the feel of new brakes or any other adjustments before your big ride.


A Hilly riding tip from Frank Radaker (BGI Fitting Specialist and one of the route research volunteers for the Hilly.)

Hilly Hundred newbies (first time event riders) tend to get carried away with the easy speed made possible by the flat early miles. That's when Mt. Faris slaps them in the face with a short 24% wall of a climb. The first suggestion I always make for new Hilly riders is to keep in mind that the hills are not long but many are quite steep. The extra strength (more than endurance) required by steep hills means you have to keep lots of energy in reserve. In other words, pace yourself so you never feel under stress on the flat portions of the ride. You'll enjoy the weekend much more. Here's a chart so you can plan ahead for the hills - (link)

Your Bicycle - Shifting and Hills

Some tips on shifting Connie Szabo Schmucker (BGI Advocacy Director, and has ridden the Hilly Hundred every year since 1988.)

Hilly Hundred - Shifting and Hills: ... Cadence = Pedaling speed - you put much less strain on your knees if you "spin" (pedal at least 80 rpm). It also is a lot easier to maintain speed and endurance (full article). . . . 

Watch Connie's Blog for the entire series leading up to Hilly Hundred.

Your Bicycle

Almost any bike you can imagine from single speed beach cruisers, to "penny farthing" high wheelers, and even unicycles have finished the Hilly.  And while your preparation, and attitude, will determine how you ride, the condition of what you are riding is just as important.  The ABC Quick Check  below is a good place to start with your bike.

Check your tires for wear and damage before any big event1.     A is for air

  • Inflate tires to rated pressure as listed on the sidewall of the tire
  • Use a pressure gauge to insure proper pressure
  • Check for damage to tire tread and sidewall; replace if damaged

2.     B is for brakes

  • Inspect pads for wear; replace is there is less than ¼" of pad left
  • Check pad adjustment; make sure they do not rub tire or dive into spokes
  • Check brake level travel; at least 1" between bar and lever when applied

3.     C is for cranks, chain and cassette

  • Make sure that your crank bolts are tight; lube the threads only, nothing else
  • Check your chain for wear; 12 links should measure no more than 12 1/8 inches
  • If your chain skips on your cassette, you might need a new one or just an adjustment

4.     Quick is for quick releases

  • Hubs need to be tight in the frame; your quick release should engage at 90°
  • Your hub quick release should point back to insure that nothing catches on it
  • Inspect brake quick releases to insure that they have been re-engaged

5.     Check is for check it over

  • Take a quick ride to check if derailleurs and brakes are working properly
  • Inspect the bike for loose or broken parts; tighten, replace or fix them
  • Pay extra attention to your bike during the first few miles of the ride

You may have been riding your bike all summer, or maybe back to school and the change in seasons has limited your time on the road.  What ever the case, check your bike before Saturday Morning in Ellettesville!

If you have a service need, call Bicycle Garage Indy and mention you need your bike for Hilly Hundred. We'll always try to meet any deadline that keeps you riding.

Your Clothing and Gear

The changing fall weather around Hilly Hundred Weekend is a challenge for both novice and experienced cyclists.  The weather you pack for Thursday night at home, may well be different by the time you ride Saturday, and have changed again for Sunday!    We have a check list of for Road Trips, that will help you to get there ready to ride, and not making an emergency helmet purchase.  

You will find it best to be flexible and dress in removable layers, so that you are comfortable for a cool morning start, and when finishing the last hills on a warm and sunny (we hope) afternoon.  Wind Jackets & Vests, arm and leg warmers are all popular options that for the fall.  And if it is cooler, you may still want good breathable clothing with features like vents and zippers, that can be opened while climbing and zipped for the down hill.  (Yes, half of Hilly Hundred is down hill!)

You find some more tips on packing for the Hilly Hundred here: Hilly Hundred, packing for three seasons of weather in a weekend.

New! Here is a link to the new BGI Coldweather Gear Guide (PDF), from the BGI Clinics curriculum.

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